Smartphone Usage: One in Five Use Their Devices Every Five Minutes

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Would it surprise you to know that a tad over one in five smartphone users worldwide (22%) use their devices once every five minutes, or that nearly half feel compelled to respond to ads when they see them on mobile devices? Those are just two of the key findings from a new smartphone usage survey from IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

Conducting in-depth surveys with smartphone owners across 18 countries around the world, IAB Global Research found that the vast majority of respondents (86% or more) use their mobile devices, mobile apps and the mobile Web to access the Internet at least once a day no matter where they are. Sixty-three percent reported they use their smartphone every 30 minutes or even more frequently, the market research company highlights.

Smartphone Usage Survey

Nearly all survey respondents said they could recall seeing mobile ads within the first few days of them being shown – including 90% of those using the mobile Web and 86% of those using mobile apps. Nearly half said they took some action after seeing mobile advertising – including 45% of mobile Web and 47% of mobile app users.

According to IAB Global Research, the top three consumer responses to mobile ads were:

  • Remembering the brand advertised
  • Interacting with the ad
  • Visiting the website of the brand advertised

Furthermore, smartphone users worldwide reported having noticed improvements in the speed at which mobile ads load and their creative quality over the course of the past year. That was true for both mobile Web ads and mobile app ads. On the flip side, smartphone users worldwide expressed concerns about the increased quantity and intrusiveness of mobile advertising.

Comparing mobile app and mobile Web habits and use preferences, IAB Global Research found that mobile Web users tend to lean to functionality and utility. Mobile app users, in contrast, skew towards engaging in online entertainment activities and social activities.

Mobile Web was also clearly preferred when it came to accessing information about education and work, travel and current events, among other topics. Mobile apps were favored when it came to accessing entertainment content, such as mobile videos, music and gaming. They were also preferred when engaging in communications activities, such as email, messaging, social networking and making voice and video calls.

“These findings confirm the fact that omnipresent mobile usage is a worldwide phenomenon, which creates a tremendous opportunity for marketers,”  said Anna Bager, IAB senior vice president and general manager, Mobile and Video. “Digital advertising is making an impact and motivating consumers to action, whether they access the internet via the mobile web or mobile apps.”

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